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We went to Satsuki and Mei’s real life house in Nagoya!!

We booked a reservation to view this house, and they only let us stay there 30 min… That was way too short! But we wanted to come anyways :) 

Yoko came from Nara, I came from Tokyo. It was such a great get-together considering how we live so far away in Japan. It was a beautiful day in Nagoya right after the big storm. 

All ghibli lovers must need to visit this place. Every little thing was so detailed, I felt like I was in a movie. Maybe a little Totoro was hiding somewhere….. *giggle like Mei* 


Just another day in Kyoto. 

Baskin Robbins does some awesome service! they can make any ice cream into Panda or Bunny. Natsuko’s bunny looked cute, but mine looked like a complete mess!! 

A butterfly was trying to steal my man. Beauty attract beauty. I’ll try not to be jealous… 

Another awesome summer festival, near my flat. It’s better to go to the local ones because you can never move if you go to the major festivals in Tokyo. We went to the Azabujuban Fes the night before, and it was HELL! 

Ryan was everyone’s eye candy! Gaijins in Yukata are everywhere now in center of Tokyo, but not so much in my town. I thought he looked so cute! 

so sweet :’-(

Silly sushi time with my peeps! 

Went back to my hometown Hashimoto! And lookie, they were having the big Hashimoto Festival. Yay us! 

Also… we found a sigh saying “Facial body remover”.


Fish Fish Fish!! 

Found an awesome fish place in Shinjuku, “Ika Center”. 

Mitama Matsuri FTW! 

Japanese summer is like there is no other. Humidity? Yeah that really is horrible here. 

As long as I can get choco bananas, I’m perfectly fine with the mega hot summer. 

I let my boyfriend use my camera on this day. He is getting so good at it, don’t you think? 

Me and my lovely friends at Mitama Matsuri. BEST summer festival ever! 

Onsen Madness! 
Coffee onsen, Wine onsen, Sake onsen, Tea onsen… just to name a few. We loved this place!! 
Come to Hakone, it’s awesome. 

My second favorite matcha restaurant in Japan, “Tsujiri”. It’s way overpriced but so tasty… Matcha food is amazing! 

Fun walk in Gion, my favorite bit of Kyoto. 

Yuki and Mami visits Inari Shrine. 

They dedicated these gates when their wishes came true since the Edo era back in Japan.

One gate is beautiful enough, 10,000 lined up was just mesmerizing.

Beautiful illumination art on the stairs. 

Kyoto Station is becoming more and more artistic. 

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